local 58 relief fund


The Local 58 Relief Fund was established by the Dallas Fire Fighters Association, Local 58 to assist members in times of need and hardship. The Local 58 Relief Fund’s purpose is to assist members of Dallas Fire Fighters Association, Local 58 who are in good standing and their families in times of need due to on the job injuries, catastrophic events, and line of duty deaths. The board of directors also maintains the ability to assist other individuals who are not members of Local 58 on a case-by-case basis.


The Local 58 Relief Fund is essentially one program to provide financial assistance and volunteer services, as needed and appropriate, to individuals undergoing crisis conditions. Local 58 Relief Fund will maintain one general fund from which qualified distributions may be made to or on behalf of the individuals in need. For example, if a member was injured in a car wreck and accumulated medical bills beyond their ability to pay, then Local 58 Relief Fund could authorize a disbursement to the member or their spouse to help offset the costs. Additionally, Local 58 Relief Fund could organize a volunteer schedule to assist the firefighter and their family with home maintenance during the crisis period. Other examples of the volunteer services that would be provided include food preparation and delivery, transportation, yard maintenance, and home or vehicle repairs. Other examples of crisis situations include catastrophic illness, house fire, flood, and storm damage resulting in large property losses.


The Local 58 Relief Fund is intended to provide assistance to current and retired fire fighters who are or were members of The Dallas Fire Fighters Association and their families. The board of directors will consider each situation and surrounding facts carefully to determine if there is a legitimate need resulting from a crisis condition that can be ameliorated through financial assistance or other service. The board shall use due diligence in verifying the need exists and shall use prudence in determining the amount of financial assistance to be provided. A record of the board’s diligence shall be recorded in the minutes of the nonprofit corporation and distributions shall be ratified at the first meeting following the date of distribution.