Meet and Confer

Meet and Confer refers to a law that was passed in 2005 by the Texas Legislature and is known as Local Government Code 174. The law states that fire fighters and police officers have the right to organize for collective bargaining as a fair and practical method to determine compensation and other conditions of employment.

The purpose of Local Government Code 174 for public employers and organized employee groups is to meet at reasonable times and to confer in good faith regarding compensation, hours, and other conditions of employment.

Meet and Confer allows your fire fighters to have a seat at the table regarding their service to the community. Your Dallas Fire Fighters take their commitment to our members and the community we serve to heart. We are a resource to Fire Administration and Dallas elected officials, and Meet and Confer allows for a relationship to be built, so our members can continue to provide Dallas with the exceptional service they deserve.

Fire trucks parked at station