I hereby authorize the City of Dallas, the City Manager, and the City Controller to deduct and Pay the DALLAS FIRE FIGHTERS ASSOCIATION an amount of not less than Fifty Eight and 06/100 (58.06) Dollars nor more than Sixty and no/100 (60.00) Dollars monthly from salary and wages for membership dues for the DALLAS FIRE FIGHTERS ASSOCIATION.

The City of Dallas is further authorized by me to deduct an amount within the specified amounts upon formal written notice from said organization. The Association shall give written notice to the Director of Human Resources for any increase or decrease in membership dues which shall be in compliance with the constitution and bylaws of the organization. It shall be the responsibility of the Association to notify its members in writing of any increase or decrease in the dues deduction. This notice is effective until I give written cancellation to the Director of Human Resources on a DFFA authorization form.

The City of Dallas, or any of its agents and employees, are hereby released from any liability, claim or lawsuit in any manner regarding deduction and payment of Association dues.